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Simple Bot End-of-Life

What is Simple Stock Bot?

For full details see my full blog post:

I am shutting down Simple Stock Bot, a popular Telegram and Discord bot that provided live stock and cryptocurrency market data. The bot was created in 2018 after my group chat lost access to the Google Allo, which had integrated market data. The bot grew to 15,000 monthly active users, but maintaining the service has become challenging due to increasing data costs and changes to the Discord API. I really appreciate the community and everyone that has donated along the way, this has been a seriously great ride. The bot will soon no longer function on Telegram and Discord.

Introducing Simple Stock Bot: Your Chat Group's Financial Whiz

What is Simple Stock Bot?

Simple Stock Bot is a chatbot designed to enrich your financial discussions on Telegram and Discord. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned trader or a beginner in the stock market, this bot is here to make your discussions more informative and engaging.

I wonder how $tsla is affecting the price of $$btc
The current stock price of Tesla Inc is $866.57, the stock is currently up 1.68%
The current price of Bitcoin is $34,815, the coin is currently down -0.151% for today