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v2023.1 Release! New Stock Market Data Provider and More!

🌐 General Updates:

  • New Home: We've transitioned to our fresh and updated website at
  • New Data Provider: We're excited to announce as our new provider for real-time stock market data, ensuring timely and accurate insights for our users.

📈 Integration Enhancements:

  • We've introduced additional options to our integration, ensuring even more precise and varied financial data.
  • Afterhours Data Fix: Addressed an issue where after hours stock market data caused errors.
  • Trending Symbol Accuracy: Fixed a bug that led to the display of invalid symbols in the /trending command.

🤖 Bot Improvements & Fixes:

  • Unified Repository: To streamline our development and deployment, we've merged the Discord and Telegram bots into a single monorepo. Check it out on GitLab. Contributions welcome!
  • Inline Functionality Restoration: Fixed the telegram bot's inline functionality.
  • Python Telegram Bot Update: Migrated to the latest version of Python Telegram Bot for superior performance and more features.
  • Rate Limiting Addition: Implemented rate limiting to ensure optimal performance during peak usage times.
  • SO MUCH MORE: Move to GitLab Issues

📝 Documentation & Repository Overhauls:

  • Centralized Documentation: For convenience and improved maintenance, we've shifted our documentation into the monorepo.
  • Documentation Refinement: Updated our documentation to reflect the latest homepage details.

Special Mention: Immense gratitude to our dedicated community for their continual feedback and unwavering support. Dive deeper into the financial realm with Simple Stock Bot!

📥 For any concerns, queries, or feedback, don't hesitate to Contact Us.