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Self-Hosting Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting up and running this project on your local machine, whether for development, testing, or personal use.

Get the Bots

Telegram Discord


Ensure the following are installed or obtained before proceeding:

  • Docker: The project is containerized using Docker Compose, allowing it to run on any system with Docker installed.
  • API Keys:
  • Telegram: Obtain a free API key by interacting with BotFather. More details here.
  • Discord: Get a free API key at
  • Sign up to get an API key. A free tier is available and should suffice for private groups. More details here.


The bot will still operate without a key but will revert to using only cryptocurrency data.


To enable donation acceptance, obtain a Stripe API key and provide a STRIPE key to your bot.

Setup Instructions

  1. Download/Clone the Repository:

  2. Download or clone this repository to your local machine.

  3. Configure Environment Variables:

  4. Navigate to the project directory and locate the .env file.

  5. Fill in the .env file with your obtained API keys:

Alternatively, pass the variables using Docker Compose environment variables or command-line arguments.

  1. Build and Run the Bot:

  2. Open a terminal in the project directory.

  3. Build and run both bots using Docker Compose:
docker-compose up

Now, your bot(s) should be up and running! If you're unfamiliar with Docker, reviewing the Docker documentation is highly recommended to gain better control over your bot and understand Docker commands better.